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RE: Multiple values formatting problen
~Chloe Fezretherli 10.Mar.07 06:41 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.5.5 Windows XP

Leini, I would try two approaches. First, I would try all combinations of "Display separate values with" and "Separate values when user enters", usually New Line and New Line erase all doubt about characters and notes is pretty good about knowing that a semicolon is a new line. If none of the cominations work, then the comma (although you told it not to) is still being seen as a multi-value separator. Try manipulating the returned value from oracle by replacing the comma with a space. This way "Meier, G" would be returned "Meier G" and so on.

Give those a shot.

Multiple values formatting problen (~Ted Dwofanamar... 10.Mar.07)
. . RE: Multiple values formatting prob... (~Chloe Fezrethe... 10.Mar.07)

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